Unique Moments:

If you have chosen the winter to travel to Spain, we want to give you some ideas to inspire you and make you live unforgettable experiences.

This season is a good time to get to know Spain and its customs and traditions during the Christmas holidays. Did you know that 12 grapes are taken here to bid farewell to the year and that on the night of January 5, the three Wise Men bring gifts to the children? You cannot miss Christmas shopping either, so we recommend you go around the shopping areas of the cities.

Winter is also the ski season, yes, but with sunshine! Spain has famous resorts such as Baqueira Beret, Formigal (in the Pyrenees) or Sierra Nevada, which is the southernmost part of Europe and just over an hour's drive from the beach.

Speaking of the beach... During the winter, Spain offers coastal areas with pleasant weather such as Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands. Do you dare to take a dip?

Other plans that surely appeal at this time are spending some nights in a rural environment in the heat of a fireplace or enjoying a few days of relaxation in a spa.

And to celebrate the end of the winter, fancy coming to the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Cadiz, for example?

la_navidad_te_espera_un_ano_mas_para_llenarte_de_luz_9104_940x731.jpgPirineos.jpgcarnaval tenerife.jpgbaquiera-beret-mai_3124072a-xlarge.jpg


Highlights of the season

Seville, the best city to travel in 2018

Seville will be the great destination to which travellers from all over the world should travel nextSeville 2018-español.jpg year. With the Year of Murillo underway, the city is at its best and this is confirmed by the famous Lonely Planet's Best in Travel ranking that brings together the best trends, destinations, travel and traveling experiences for the coming year. For the first time, a Spanish city heads the preferences of the great travellers and editors of the Lonely Planet guides.

Seville has never lacked claims to be one of the cities dreamed by travellers from around the world. It boasts of its exceptional historical and artistic heritage, of being a city "with duende" whose charm is breathed in the streets. But also, during the last 10 years Seville has been transformed into a city of bicycles and trams, eager to revitalize its artistic past and eager for tourists to visit much more than its famous historic centre (Cathedral, Giralda, Alcázar ...). The metamorphosis has not gone unnoticed and that is why Lonely Planet has placed it this year at number one among the cities that nobody should stop visiting in 2018.

In its choice as the most interesting city in the world to visit in 2018, Lonely Planet has especially valued the successful fusion between tradition and innovation, which is appreciated, for example, in gastronomy: Sevillian bars and restaurants have managed to incorporate the latest trends and culinary fashions without losing their traditions, such as tapas.


We bet on Portugal with Lisbon and Porto as key destinations for 2018 !!!

It is no secret that travellers love all the cities of Spain and so it continues to be. But there’s a newla_magia_de_lisboa_no_se_explica_se_vive_3233_745x497.jpg country contending for European metropolitan greatness: Portugal. Portugal has won the last edition of the World Travel Awards, considered the Oscars of tourism. The country was chosen as the Best Tourist Destination in the World, with 37 distinctions ranging from the best cruise port and Best City Break (Lisbon), best destination of the islands (Madeira), best beach destination in Europe (Algarve) to the best organism European Tourism Officer (Tourism of Portugal).

With Lisbon and Porto classified, it is the only European nation worthy of several prizes. This is the reflection of an increase in the interest of the traveller in Portugal and thus was highlighted as the best destination also in 2016. Likewise in 2012 and 2014, Porto was distinguished with the prestigious title of Best European Destination. The city competed against 19 other selected towns and after a three weeks’ period of online voting, the results came out and Porto was announced the winner. Besides this title, Porto has other ones in its most recent history. The city was also highlighted by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 best value cities in 2017.


Carnival Festivities in Cadiz

Cadiz spends the whole year preparing for its famous carnival celebrations. If you have a costume and are up for a good time then you're ready to enjoy this unique and animated celebration.

The Cadiz carnival is known throughout the world as a huge street party. Eleven days of non-stop fun, originalityCarnaval de Cadiz.jpg and, more than anything else, mass participation. The whole city is transformed, the streets are filled with people intent on having a good time and making sure everyone else has a good time, singing, and enjoying themselves. If you too would like to experience the boisterous Cadiz carnival celebrations, you should make plans well in advance. This is one of the most long-awaited events on the calendar and attracts thousands of people every year.

One month before the official start of carnival, the groups that compete in the Falla Theatre competition begin their rehearsals, and the carnival atmosphere is already underway. Various carnival groups organise open-air gastronomic events where they play their repertoire of humorous songs in public and where you can also sample typical Cadiz produce. The songs are usually humorous, providing an ingenious critique of events that have made the news over the course of the year.

The Falla Theatre competition sees more than 100 groups taking part, with highlights including particularly the popular chirigotas. It is a fantastic spectacle, packed with humour, music and colour. The Grand Finale is one of the main attractions of the fiesta: it is held on the first Friday of Carnival and lasts until the following morning. That's when the great explosion of carnival high spirits overflows onto the city streets. The groups that have taken part roam the teeming streets of the old town singing their compositions and, on Sunday and Monday, take the stage to perform the Carrusel de Coros.

Fancy dress is obligatory at the Cadiz Carnival. Whether you do it alone, as a couple or in a group, it is essential to wear a costume, at least on the first Saturday and during the parades. There are two parades where the public become an active part of the multi-colour cavalcade. The Gran Cabalgata (Great Parade) is on the first Sunday. It proceeds down the avenue at the entrance to the city and attracts tens of thousands of people. The second is the Cabalgata del Humor (Comedy Parade), which goes through the old town on the last weekend. The “charangas ilegales” are another characteristic element of the Cadiz Carnival: they usually convene in the Plaza de las Flores. These are families, groups of friends or workmates whose repertoire of songs compete for humour and laughs with the “official” groups. Open-air parties, fireworks, fancy dress dances and endless additional activities all ensure that the fun doesn't stop for a moment throughout the celebrations.

When: from 8th to 18th February 2018

Where: Cadiz


Fallas bonfire Festival of San José

Valencia welcomes in Spring with the Fallas. During the months preceding this unique spectacle, a lot of hard work and dedication is put into preparing the monumental and ephemeral cardboard statues that will be devoured by the flames. The festival has been designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2016.

The Fallas are Valencia’s most international festival. In a competition of art, ingenuity and good taste, during theFallas Valencia.jpg week beginning on 19 March the city fills with gigantic cardboard monuments, the ninots. The celebration’s origins go back to the parots of the carpenters: a wooden lamp that was used to light the workshops in winter and was burned in the street on the eve of San José’s Day. At first, they were given a human appearance by decorating them with old clothes, but in the mid-19th century, they started making them bigger and taller and improving their forms to convert them into decorative dolls.

Although the most important events are held during the week beginning on the 19th, Valencia starts preparing the festivities on 1 March with the mascletás, the firework displays held every day at 2 pm at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Finally, the night of 15 March arrives, when the traditional plantà of fallas takes place. Work goes on all night to install the more than 700 figures in the city’s streets and squares. Some are even begun to be set up days beforehand, as these enormous statues can reach up to 20 metres in height. On the morning of the 16th, Valencia dawns inhabited by caricatures and satirical representations which, with great sense of humour, criticise politicians, celebrities and the most significant current events.

These impressive scenes can be enjoyed during the following days until, on the night of the 19th to the 20th, the cream takes place. This is the moment when they are burnt amid a fascinating spectacle of light, music and fireworks All are burnt apart from one ninot which, chosen by popular vote, is saved from the flames to join the collection of the Fallas Museum. Another of the most emotional moments of the Fallas is the floral offering to the Virgin Mary, when the Falla committees parade on 17 and 18 March and in honour of the patron saint form a 14-metre-high mountain of flowers. Open-air celebrations, parades, bullfights, competitions and other entertainment events complete the programme of these festivities.

When: from 15th to 19th March 2018

Where: Valencia


Jerez Festival

Throughout the celebration of this festival, the soul, passion and vigour of flamenco invade Jerez de laFestival-de-Jerez.jpg Frontera in Cadiz.

Billed as "flamenco and Spanish dance", the central theme of the Festival is dance. As well as offering a showcase for this artistic genre, the festival also previews innovative creations and the creative fusion of artists exploring new aesthetic and expressive avenues for flamenco in the 21st century.

When: from February 23rd to March 10th 2018

Where: Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz)


Canary Islands, the sun of Europe

Forget coats, gloves and scarves. If you want to enjoy good weather and the beach in the middle of winter, then head for the Canary Islands. Its year-round warm climate means you can't go wrong.


Seven islands washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Each and every one is a completely different world, packed with contrasts and possibilities. The Canary Islands offer almost 1,500 kilometres of coastline, with one predominant feature: variety. Here you will find so many options that the most difficult thing will be to decide where to enjoy the warm, sunny weather.

Would you like to feel the pleasure of a swim in the sea in the middle of winter? In the Canaries you can have one, and surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. From the long, white sand beaches of Tenerife and Fuerteventura, to small coves, set between cliffs, in El Hierro and La Gomera. From an exotic landscape of dunes in Gran Canaria to the sandy beaches of volcanic origin to be found in Lanzarote and La Palma…

If you feel like resting, relaxing and enjoying the beach as well, then you will feel very privileged in the Canary Islands. Its facilities and marinas are a paradise for water sports. There are numerous different alternatives available each day: sailing, water skiing, kayaking, surfing, water bikes... Not forgetting that the Canary Islands are one of the best places in the world for windsurfing; and there are things to see under the water too: scuba diving enthusiasts will have a wonderful experience exploring the unique volcanic seascapes of the ocean floor. Don't think twice - if you are considering a holiday this winter, then the Canary Islands are the perfect option.



The Iberian Museum, the new cultural emblem of Jaén

The old prison will host the largest collection of this culture: 3,500 unpublished pieces by 40%. King Felipe VI inaugurates on December 11th a project that costed 27 million euros contributed by the Junta de Andalucía and the EU.

Museo Íbero de Jaén.png

The old prison of Jaén, where some of the most tragic episodes of the Francoist repression were recorded, resuscitated transformed into a building of contemporary architecture after 19 years of project. It will house pieces collected in this community, where the main deposit of Spain of this culture is found, that deified the woman and sanctified the man. That legacy will convert the Jaén museum into the world's greatest reference to this ancient town. 

On December 11th, 2017, King Felipe VI inaugurates a first exhibition of almost 500 square meters with some 300 pieces grouped in an archaeological story called “The lady, the prince, the hero and the god”.

This exhibition, consisting of pieces of which 40% has never been exhibited and mostly are the result of investigations and excavations of recent years, part of a Greek vessel found in the tomb of an Iberian aristocrat in the necropolis of Piquía (Arjona-Jaén). It is an introduction to an itinerary that reviews the culture of this town.


Connections: Joon, the low cost of Air France, takes off from Barcelona

Joon, the new company of the Air France Group, has started operations on 1 December 2017 betweenNueva_low_cost_francesa.jpg the airports of Barcelona-El Prat and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

To celebrate the event, the airport firefighters have received with the traditional water arch to flight JN / AF1748, an Airbus A320 with capacity for 168 passengers and equipped with Business and Economy classes, coming from Paris-CDG.

Joon is a new low-cost company that will offer very attractive prices, very practical flight schedules and varied products and services of great quality. On half-way flights, customers can choose between the business and the tourist class, and enjoy a varied catering service that includes free organic coffee, tea, orange juice and water.

Joon will be in charge of all the flights operated by Air France between Barcelona and Paris-CDG, as well as the routes between the Parisian airport and the cities of Lisbon and Oporto.



Casa Vicens (Barcelona)

Casa Vicens is the first major commission that Antoni Gaudí received, a prelude to all his subsequentCasa Vicens-Exterior.jpg architectural work.

The current configuration of Casa Vicens and its building is the result of the various changes and transformations suffered throughout its history, forming three clearly differentiated spaces: the original construction of 1883-1885, the work of Antoni Gaudí; the extension carried out in 1925 by Joan Baptista Serra de Martínez; and the garden that surrounds it.

On the ground floor, the welcome and reception area for visitors is located; while, on the first and second floor, the spaces host the permanent exhibition rooms centred on the building and the temporary exhibitions and activities contemplated in the museological project. The spaces on the main floor and on the first and second floor are perfect for the celebration of very exclusive events, since we are talking about putting the whole house at your disposal and the closing of the visits.

In the underground plant, you will find the Capell Shop / Bookshop. At the far end of the garden, the Café Hoffman gastronomic space is located.


Hotel Meliá Madrid Serrano

Last November the Meliá Galgos hotel opened its doors under the new name of hotel MELIÁmelia madrid serrano.png MADRID SERRANO.

During this summer, the renovation process completely transformed the lobby of the hotel, with a new reception, bar and restaurant, introducing a new gastronomic concept called "Arado & Red", with an uninterrupted service until 1:00 am.

Another new feature is its new "Tech Room" and "Flexi Room" meeting rooms, which will provide customers with a new experience in meeting spaces with the latest technology and design.

All this added to its exclusive service THE LEVEL, inaugurated at the end of last year and that has 75 spacious and elegant rooms and an area of ​​500m2 with terrace where design and attention to detail merge to make this space a place unique, offering a five-star service in the Barrio de Salamanca.

This emblematic establishment is reinvented to continue leading a service of the highest level to its clients, both leisure and business, located in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Madrid.


Hotel Hyatt Centric Gran Vía Madrid

On March 2018 The Gran Vía of Madrid will add a new tenant of renown. Hyatt will open a new Hyatt Centric hotel, the first in Spain, on this emblematic Madrid road. He will do it in a 1920 office building.

The opening of the Hyatt Centric Gran Vía Madrid will mark the return of the North American chain to the capital,Hyatt.png nine years after the mythical hotel Villa Magna which had been running continuously for eighteen years.

The boutique-style establishment will count with 159 rooms, a bar called Ice and Coal, and a rooftop terrace with unique views.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city will make it an ideal place to host guests at the heart of the Madrilian action. It will offer an unparalleled experience for anyone who wants to live and experience authentic and modern Madrid. The central location of the hotel, combined with its unique design, will appeal to both business travellers and leisure travellers.


ART: Madrid and more

Women artists and Surrealism

The exhibition brings together more than one hundred works by 18 female surrealist artists whoSurrealismo-Museo Picasso Malaga.jpgobtained a leading role after rebelling against the social and moral imperatives of their time.

Frida Kahlo, Dora Maar, Maruja Mallo, Lee Miller, Ángeles Santos, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, and Germaine Dulac are a few of the artists represented in this exhibition. It presents the work of a group of women artists who were a part of surrealism, an avant-garde movement historically associated with men. The individualism and personality of these creators is reflected in the paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, photographs and films on show.

These women fought for their own identities and freedom through art, coming to prominence in the surrealist milieu, and soon distancing themselves from a movement which almost always considered them as muses rather than artists. Sometimes eclipsed or exploited by their male partners, their lives and art challenged the impositions and conventions of society.

When: until January 28th 2018

Where: Picasso Museum, Malaga


Hell according to Rodin

An exhibition exploring one of the great works of art of the fin de siècle period: The Gates of Hell, byInfierno Rodin-Mapfre BCN.jpg Auguste Rodin.

Considered the French sculptor’s main piece of work, he worked on it for well over twenty years to create a spectacular vision of hell: a feverish, tormented, sensual evocation of the underworld. The monumental doorway, decorated with bas-relief, was inspired by the Inferno of Dante’s Divine Comedy. This exhibition presents around 100 sculptures, 30 rarely-seen drawings, and scale models, revealing the creative process of this masterwork.

It includes the sculpture The Thinker, originally placed above the door. This figure was conceived as a judge of hell, and later evolved into an image of Dante meditating on his work. Finally, in 1903, it grew to become the universal symbol of humanity lost in thought. The Kiss also appears, which Rodin would later repeat in marble. Rodin eventually omitted this sculpture from the Gates of Hell, probably because it seemed too idyllic.

When:  until January 21st 2018

Where: Fundación Mapfre, Barcelona


Murillo (1617-2017)

For Seville it is a very special year, as it celebrates the 400th anniversary of the birth of the SevillianMurillo.jpg baroque painter Esteban Murillo. The Andalusian city wants to pay tribute to its painter with an ambitious program of commemorations that aims to explore the past of the city, the time of Murillo, and link its innovation to the present, a capital that embraces its roots to move forward with them towards the future. Murillo must be revisited and disseminated under a look that rediscovers the value of his masterful brushstroke.

At the Museum of Fine Arts you could visit until April 1st 2018 the exhibition "Murillo and the Capuchins of Seville. Reconstruction ", various works that the painter made for the convent of the Capuchins, an impressive pictorial series considered one of his masterpieces. The Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne gives for the occasion the main canvas of the main altarpiece, 'The Jubilee of the Portiuncula', which left Seville in the mid-nineteenth century. In addition, the proposal will deepen, through drawings and sketches, the way in which the artist conceived the project.

Only 15 minutes by foot from the Museum is the Santa Clara Convent where the exhibition "Murillo and its wake in Seville" is shown until April 8th 2018. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo has been one of the artistic personalities that had the greatest influence and projection in the Andalusian art from the second half of the 17th to the 19th century. His shadow was long projected as an example of a painter who had managed to define and codify an artistic style that earned a fortune and reconciled the elites and the people alike. This exhibition aims to study the wake of his images as authentic survivals over time, trying to see the fate of their models as if they were anachronistic symptoms that survive throughout history to romanticism. For this, a total of 62 works will be gathered, among which you can see some of the artist's most original paintings, whose latency is a testament to the power of his images and the attraction of his taste and aesthetics in painting, sculpture and photography.

When:  until February 8th 2018

Where: Museum of Fine Arts and Santa Clara Convent, Seville


Cubism and experiences of modernity

Through this exhibition the enormous diversity of creative proposals arising from this artistic current is demonstrated. A journey through the central years of Cubism and subsequent decades.

70 works created by outstanding artists between 1912 and 1933 are collected. Among them are Juan Gris, MaríaCubismo-Museo Reina Sofia.jpg Blanchard, Louis Marcoussis, André Lhote, Gleizes, Metzinger, Barradas, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Vicente Huidobro and Torres-García.

The exhibition generates a new reading on this current, expanding the existing conception of cubism. The work of Juan Gris is its central axis. This reconsideration implies implicitly the complexity of what this artistic movement really was.

The cubist collection of the Fundación Telefónica joins the funds of the Museo Reina Sofía for this exhibition, organised by Eugenio Carmona.

When: until the end of 2018

Where: Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid


Zuloaga in the Paris of the Belle Epoque 1889 – 1914

The work of Ignacio Zuloaga (Éibar, Spain, 1870 – 1945, Madrid, Spain) is the subject of a newZuloaga-Fund. Mapfre.jpg interpretation in this exhibition which highlights the fact that his artistic production during his years in Paris combines a profound sense of tradition with a modern vision linked to symbolism.

Traditionally, art historiography in Spain has considered the work of Zuloaga from the perspective of what is known as “Dark Spain”. On the other hand, the figure of the painter abroad was considered fundamentally in the evolution of the artistic discourse which would lead to modernity.

The exhibition has the exceptional support of the Musée d'Orsay.

When:  until January 7th 2018

Where: Fundación Mapfre, Madrid


The power of the past: 150 years of archaeology in Spain

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the National Archaeological Museum (MAN), this exhibition commemorates the archaeology creation process in Spain and the birth of the network of Spanish archaeological museums. 

The exhibition presents the history and development of this science in Spain through 150 pieces on loan fromel poder del pasado.png 68 collaborating institutions. Icons of the past convey an overall, up-to-date and critical vision of the construction of our past from archaeology.

Since 1867, when the MAN was founded, society has become aware of the importance of understanding the past, as well as the dual and important mission of this type of museums:  document, preserve and exhibit the material remains of our history and to convey the knowledge of the past, facilitating its understanding and access to all citizens.

When: until April 1st 2018

Where: National Archaeological Museum, Madrid


SHOWS: music, theatre, dance, gastronomy, fashion …

Totem. Cirque du Soleil

The Cirque du Soleil presents its latest production in Madrid: Totem. Written and directed by RobertTotem-Cirque du Soleil.jpg Lepage, this show travels through human evolution from amphibians to the ultimate desire to fly, through a collection of incredible circus techniques. 

The show also explores the dreams and infinite potential that the human being has inside him. Furthermore, fantastic choreographies show the ties that bind mankind to its animal origins.

To do so, the company alternates primitive and modern myths and seasons them with aborigine stories on creation, with the aim of finding a balance between the environment and joint progress.

Totem is the second collaboration of the acclaimed director and artist, Robert Lepage, with Cirque du Soleil after KÀ. The term “totem” maintains the idea of the order of the species. Inside the body, there is the potential of all species, travelling a path that goes from the ground to the desire to fly.

The performance includes a cast of 46 acrobats, actors, musicians and singers from 16 countries. They are joined by over 5 million spectators, who have seen the show in over 2,300 performances in 38 cities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. Furthermore, the show won the 2013 New York City Drama Desk Awards as a Unique and Excellent Theatrical Experience.

When: Wednesdays to Sundays. Until January 14th 2018

Where: Escenario Puerta del Ángel, Madrid


Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing, the film that became a worldwide box office smash in 1987 comes to Barcelona. With itsDirty Dancing BCN.jpg exceptional soundtrack, the film reinvented the dance genre with a new style that the public took to their hearts on seeing it for the first time.

It is a piece full of passion and romance, with music that sets the heart racing and spectacularly sensual dance routines. This musical, that has broken records all over the world, succeeds in bringing back on stage all the nostalgia for the 80s along with all of the emotions raised by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze on the big screen.

After two complete sell-out seasons in London's West End and two successful tours of the whole of the UK, the classic story is being performed in Spain with fantastic and memorable songs such as "Hungry Eyes", "Hey! Baby", "Do you Love Me?" and the all-time classic "(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life".

The stage has three revolving turntables to move between the sets that transport us to the different locations where the story unfolds. We go to the Kellerman's resort hotel where Baby and her parents are staying for what seemingly appears to be a boring holiday: the reception area, the dining room, the staff quarters, the garden, the guest bedrooms and the basement where the staff engage in "dirty dancing".

When: until January 14th 2018

Where: Tivoli Theatre, Barcelona


Forever - The best show about the King of Pop

This show is the world’s best production to date in tribute to the greatest hits of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. It is a show backed by the Jackson Family Foundation, which has been enjoyed by over 600,000 spectators from half the planet.

The performance includes an impressive array of singers, musicians and dancers who are accompanied by the mostForever-The best king of the pop.jpg important videos in the career of the King of Pop: Thriller, Smooth Criminal...

Through all of this, we go on a vibrant journey through Michael Jackson’s musical legacy, as well as finding out more about the life of this musical legend and the message he left behind in his work. 

Furthermore, the staging includes great special effects, a gospel choir and outstanding artists who take great care over every detail of their performances in order to be faithful legacy of Michael Jackson.

This unique production has been on an extensive international tour since 2012 which has taken it to cities like Paris, Lisbon, Prague, Warsaw or San Juan in Puerto Rico.

When: Friday to Sunday. From January 13th to March 11th 2018

Where: Nuevo Apolo Theatre, Madrid


Stars in Concert

After 20 years triumphing on the major stages in Europe and Las Vegas, United States, with over 6Stars in concert.jpg million spectators, this musical show is coming to Spain for the first time ever with two shows that pay tribute to the great voices of international song. 

Stars in Concert brings together on stage the best performances of legendary music stars by talented international artists whose voice and interpretation, physical likeness, wardrobe, make-up and choreography y have been carefully selected.

ABBA and Boney M is programmed on 29 January and 5 February, a tribute that review the 1970s with the most unforgettable melodies of both groups. It is an incredible party-show lasting for more than two hours which kicks off with four Swedish singers who are identical to the members of ABBA and three glamorous girls and a crazy soloist that is reminiscent of Boney M.

When: January 29th and February 5th 2018

Where: Coliseum Theatre, Madrid



Fitur 2018

The Madrid Tourism Fair is the global meeting point for professionals of the sector and the leading fairFitur 2018-English.jpg for the receptive and issuing markets of Latin America.  In the 2017 edition, 9,672 companies participated in this event, which opens the international circuit of events revolving around the travel world. Fitur is a privileged stage for the global tourist industry and a business tool to foster commercial agreements and contacts.  However, it is also the place where the general public should always visit: it is possible to find the perfect holiday destination here.

The growing international recognition of FITUR was highlighted in the 2017 edition, on being chosen by the World Tourism Organization as the venue for the inauguration of the 1st International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, declared by the United Nations Organization, hence confirming its position among the most important events in the world ranking.

One of the keys that has marked the evolution of Fitur has been the trade fair’s ability to recognise market trends and reflect them in its offer. With this in mind, new monographic sections have been incorporated into the trade fair in recent years, such as Fitur Shopping and Fitur Health, which were successfully introduced last year and have become consolidated in this year’s edition with greater participation by companies. 

The fair will once more offer a differentiated exhibition area for Fitur LGBT. This space will host the specific tourist offer and demand for a sector that represents €6.1 billion of revenue in Spain. Fitur Know How & Export will celebrate their fourth edition with the aim of increasing the international projection of the know-how and management of Spanish tourist companies. Fiturtech can also be highlighted, bringing together the latest proposals in the technological field, and Fiturgreen, which will foster sustainability through energy saving measures in hotel management and tourism. As usual, Madrid, as the host that it is, will be present at this important tourist event with a stand providing the tourist offer for the city and the Region. 

When: from 17th to 21st January 2018

Where: IFEMA, Madrid


Gastrofestival 2018 & Madrid Fusion 2018

Madrid will turn into a great festival for the senses as the ninth​ Gastrofestival gets underway. TheGastrofestival 2018 (2).png event is the best way to find out more about gastronomy and enjoy its connections with a range of artistic disciplines.

For fifteen days restaurants, shops, museums and cultural centres in Madrid will be taking part in this fantastic event in which art plays a leading role. A complete experience, this great festival for the senses features special menus, culinary routes and cookery courses, and invites everyone to enjoy all aspects of gastronomy.

Just like in previous editions, restaurants and bars across the city will take part in some of the now favourite sections, including the Degustatapas tapas tastings and Rioja Wine in Our Favourite Bars. Last year gluten-free restaurants participated for the first time, offering special menus just like other eateries around the city.

Gastrofestival have six main themes: Gastronomic Madrid, Gastroculture, Sensory Experiences, Gastrofashion, Wine Culture and Gastrohealth.

Various cultural venues across Madrid also take part in this culinary event with an array of offerings that seamlessly merge culture with gastronomy. The previous edition featured Conde Duque, the Madrid Municipal Newspaper Library, the Contemporary Art Museum and the Costume Museum.

When: from January 20th to February 4th 2018

Where: Conde Duque, Museo del Traje, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, etc… Madrid

The XVI Edition of the International Madrid Fusion Summit will turn Spain's capital city into the worldMadrid Fusion 2018.jpg capital of gastronomy for three days. The participation of international speakers from all around the world, along with celebrated chefs from Spain and abroad, testifies year after year to the extraordinary draw of this event. 

The IV Edition of the Chef of the Year competition in Europe will also be taking place, along with the XVI Edition of the Breakthrough Chef Award.

When: from 22nd to 24th January 2018

Where: Municipal Palace of Congresses, Madrid


HIP-Hospitality Innovation Planet

Ifema celebrates the second edition of HIP, a professional fair in which more than 12,000 professionals from the world of hospitality, bars and restaurants will meet to learn about the latest equipment, solutions and trends for the Horeca market.

The attendees (businessmen, managers, chefs and more than 260 exhibiting brands) will have a unique opportunityHip-English.png to build customer loyalty, generate other potential and with a space in which to identify the partners that can help drive the different businesses, where innovation, transformation, success stories, disruptive models and all kinds of solutions for the channel, will set the guidelines to adapt effectively to new management models and thus be able to satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

The summit is a platform where the latest trends related to hotels, restaurants, bars, collectives, take away and traveller services will be shown. This year celebrates its second edition.

Hospitality Innovation Planet delves into very diverse areas of the Horeca channel. Interior design and furniture; gastronomic products; facilities and equipment; kitchenware, textiles and take away; technology; or food security and hygiene.

Hospitality 4.0, an international congress on innovation and transformation of the sector, will take place during the fair. It will have exclusive content and great strategic value that will offer vertical solutions for each of the numerous professional profiles in the industry. In addition, the summit will host the National Congress of Business and Management for Dependency.

When: from 19th to 21st February 2018

Where: IFEMA, Madrid



Equestrian sports: Sunshine Tour

Vejer de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, hosts a new edition of the Sunshine Tour,Hipica Sunshine tour.jpg comprising international dressage and show jumping events.

The Montenmedio Riding Centre brings together riders from all over the world in February and March for show jumping and dressage events as part of the Sunshine Tour. There will be international show jumping and dressage events, all in the three-star category.

When: from February 15th to March 25th 2018

Where: Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz)


Barcelona-Sitges international period cars rally

Pre-1924 museum vehicles participate in this unusual rally.

This classic car rally has been held since 1959 and takes place between Barcelona and Sitges. The event attractsRally Internacional de coches Sitges.jpg genuine museum pieces made between 1900 and 1924. The winners of the contest are not the fastest ones to complete the circuit but the motorists with the most original vehicles and the costumes most in keeping with the period of their car. In short, the vehicles are works of art and collector items that evoke past times and provide motoring enthusiasts with an insight into these special, unique and irrepeatable vehicles. The event is usually held in March.

When: from 3rd to 4th March 2018

Where: Sitges (Barcelona)


Transgrancanaria: mountain and trekking ultramarathon

Gran Canaria, nearly half the territory of which is a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve, has hostedTransgrancanaria.jpg this endurance race since 2003.

The route of the competition crosses the centre of Gran Canaria island, passing fantastic volcanic scenery for 125 kilometres. The itinerary includes an accumulated change in level of 7500 metres and requires 24 to 30 hours to be completed. In addition to the long Transgrancanaria race, runners can participate in other shorter modalities, ranging from 15 to 82 kilometres.

When: from 21st to 25th February 2018

Where: Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)


Football (soccer)- Spanish League, REAL MADRID- FC BARCELONA

The Bernabéu Stadium will witness one of the most awaited clashes for football fans. Named the match of the century by the sports press, The Classic is an event that goes beyond sport and occupies the headlines in all of the media.  rm-barc.jpg

The clashes between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have always created controversy, especially in recent years when the sporting level has reached levels that have never been seen before. Both clubs have some of the world’s best players on their teams, which guarantees spectators a match that is a show and full of excellent play. 

When: 23rd December 2017

Where: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid






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