Unique Moments:

If you have chosen the winter to travel to Spain, we want to give you some ideas to inspire you and make you live unforgettable experiences.

This season is a good time to get to know Spain and its customs and traditions during the Christmas holidays. Did you know that 12 grapes are taken here to bid farewell to the year and that on the night of January 5, the three Wise Men bring gifts to the children? You cannot miss Christmas shopping either, so we recommend you go around the shopping areas of the cities.

Winter is also the ski season, yes, but with sunshine! Spain has famous resorts such as Baqueira Beret, Formigal (in the Pyrenees) or Sierra Nevada, which is the southernmost part of Europe and just over an hour's drive from the beach.

Speaking of the beach... During the winter, Spain offers coastal areas with pleasant weather such as Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands. Do you dare to take a dip?

Other plans that surely appeal at this time are spending some nights in a rural environment in the heat of a fireplace or enjoying a few days of relaxation in a spa.

All these plans and much more are among our suggestions for the season !!!

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Highlights of the season


Christmas is coming and we want you to come and enjoy it in Spain. Here Christmas is synonymous with tradition, good cheer, family, shopping, and fine food. Why not come and experience this special festivity here in our country? We will find some ideas of all the fun things you'll be able to do. Come and enjoy yourself on New Year's Eve as you see out the old year with the tradition of the 12 grapes and the chimes at midnight, visit the popular nativity scenes, and experience the magical lead-up to the arrival of the Three Kings.




Carnival Festivities in Canary Islands

Every year, crowds of people come to experience this fiesta where everything is allowed and you have only one obligation: to have fun.

Rhythm, colour, flamboyance, luxury and of course the most brilliant spectacle. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is the most “Brazilian” of all the Spanish carnivals, and it is famous all over the world for its popular flavour. For fifteen days, the streets of the city come alive with joie de vivre, freedom and extravagance.


The gala to elect the Carnival Queen, one of the carnival’s main events, is held on the Wednesday of the first week of festivities. In this spectacular competition, all the candidates parade in all their glamorous finery on a 1,200 metre square stage wearing the most fantastic costumes, which can weigh more than a hundred kilos. Once the queen has been elected, the parade announcing the start of the Carnival takes place on the Friday: thousands of people and dozens of musical groups fill the streets for hours in a breathtaking multi-coloured chain of merrymaking and devil-may-care joie de vivre. Over the three next days, the city gives itself up to music and fun as the different carnival groups perform. The witty and ironic lyrics of the songs take current social and political themes as their subject, all treated with a good dose of humour.

And the climax comes on Carnival Tuesday with “el Coso”, a spectacular parade which will amaze everyone who sees it. The next day the Burial of the Sardine marks the end of the festivities: the spirit of Carnival, symbolised by the sardine, is carried through the streets on a funeral bier, and is then set on fire and consumed by the flames to the despair of the entourage of inconsolable and “grief-stricken” widows, widowers and mourners. The final ending, however, is really the celebration of the “Piñata Chica” at the weekend, with shows, dances and parades. If you are planning to come to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival you should make your arrangements well in advance. This already popular destination, with its year-round attraction of sun and beautiful beaches, is in even greater demand at this time.

When: from 27th February to 10th March 2019

Where: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands


Moors and Christians Fiesta

Parades and a great deal of fun are the keynotes of this unique Spanish fiesta.


During the first week in February, Bocairent, in the province of Valencia, celebrates its Moors and Christians festivity in honour of Saint Blas, patron of the town. This particular Moors and Christians fiesta is one of the oldest and best in Spain. Fireworks, paso doble music and bands, spectacular parades, processions and the deafening sound of gunpowder are the main ingredients of this colourful six-day fiesta. The highlight is the Entrà, when over 2,000 people participate in an amazing parade of floats.


When: from 1st to 5th February 2019

Where: Bocairent, Valencia



Meeting rooms of the future with Barceló Hotel Group


Barcelo Hotel Group showed during the last edition of the IBTM World, the leading trade fair for the MICE segment, an innovative concept of meeting room that has developed at the Barcelo Sants hotel and which is inspired by the latest technological trends and aims to become a new model of space that is advanced to the future to organize all kinds of meetings and presentations. This room pioneer was born with the name of XRoom and is inspired by the latest technological trends which are breaking into the industry events and other sectors. Its design, technology integration and multifunctionality are intended to transform and personalize the space creating a more sensory experience memorable; through lighting, video mapping, audio, connectivity and a futuristic display that is activated with gestures. Thus, in the XRoom the simplest presentation will get connected and capture the attention of the participants, which will be active spectators to the message.


Tap, will double to North America

From 2019 TAP will begin to operate direct flights from Lisbon to Chicago and Washington, with five weekly flights to each destination. It is part of the project of the airline doubling of activity and from the North American continent.


TAP Air Portugal will double its operation to North America in the coming years and returns to increase its offer to the United States, with two new routes with destination to Washington and Chicago for June 2019.  As of June 1, TAP will offer five weekly flights from Lisbon to Chicago O´Hare. At 13:05 o'clock departure and arrival to Chicago to 16:05 h. In the opposite direction, flights will leave Chicago at 18:05 h, landing at the airport Humberto Delgado at 07:50 o'clock the next day.  Lisbon to Washington-Dulles operation will be home on June 16, also with five weekly flights between the capitals, out of Lisbon to 16:30 and arrival at Washington at 19:40 h. Flights in turn have departure from Washington at 22:40 h and arrival at Lisbon at 10:50 h the following day.



Hotel Heritage Relais & Châteaux (Madrid)

Hotel Heritage is located in a building erected at in the early 20th Century and refurbished in the years of the Belle Époque right in the centre of Madrid, located in one of the most elegant, exclusive areas of the capital, that provides a setting for a new concept of hospitality in the capital that has quick access to Madrid airport. This emblematic building has been declared protected by the Commission for Protection of Historic, Artistic and Natural Heritage, as it has special architectural elements that make it a unique feature.

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Hotel Vincci Consulado (Bilbao)


Has just opened its doors the Vincci Consulate of Bilbao, located in the paseo de Abandoibarra and next to the Guggenheim Museum. The new four-star establishment has 93 rooms and architectural forms that resemble a sailboat. Vincci hotels opens a new hotel, Vincci Consulate of Bilbao, four star accommodation located in the modern area of paseo de Abandoibarra. Located between the towers of Isozaki and the Guggenheim Museum, Vincci Consulate of Bilbao allows you to make the most of this area of the city characterised by host attractive promenades and squares, as well as buildings of traditional architecture, which contrast with modern buildings, that have their head at the Guggenheim Museum. Vincci Consulate of Bilbao is integrated in this cosmopolitan environment with a design that is intended to resemble a sailboat that has come sailing ria up and has been moored opposite the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.



Bless Hotel Madrid


The first hotel of Bless Collection Hotels - luxury brand of Palladium Hotel Group - which will open its doors in January of next year, has been included in The Leading Hotels of the World, one of the largest collections of luxury hotels in the world. Before even opening its doors - will do in January of 2019 - Bless Madrid Hotel, the first hotel of Bless Collection Hotels, has been included it in the collection of The Leading Hotels of the World.

The new Palladium Hotel Group luxury brand is characterized by the personalized service to each guest and offer a wide variety of experiences, called Bless Experiences and characterized by exclusivity and customization. Following this concept Bless Madrid Hotel, located in the Salamanca district of the capital, shows different atmospheres created by Spanish designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán in every room and area. Sensory architecture of each of its 111 rooms and suites or spaces as Feten, a clandestine bar; the boulevard Muse, French-inspired; or the restaurant Etxeko Madrid, signed by Martín Berasategui, will envelop the customer experience for every one of your senses. Bless Madrid Hotel also has spa, gym, conference spaces, swimming pool on the roof and three bars.



ART: Madrid and more

Leonardo da Vinci. The Faces of the Genius

To commemorate the 500 years since the death of the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, Madrid holds a unique exhibition taking place at two locations: Palacio de las Alhajas and the National Library. Madrid starts a series of events that also take place in France, Italy and England.


Curated by one of the big da Vinci experts, the Spanish actor, television presenter and writer Christian Gálvez, it is the only exhibition in the world endorsed by the Leonardo DNA Project. It is an international project involving Gálvez together with a team of geneticists, historians, archaeologists and other experts that wish to reveal da Vinci mystery using his DNA in the year of his 500th anniversary.

The visitors of this exhibition will be able to discover the unknown details about the artist and his work like his dreams, achievements and failures as an artist within an apparently unfinished architecture.

The venue at the National Library opens a new exhibition hall for this event, a space that was until now designated for investigation. The great entrance hall will exhibit the Codices Madrid I and Madrid II, two manuscripts that show the artist’s involvement in engineering, mechanics and art. The visitors will also be able to see the reconstructions of the machines shown in the codices and one his biggest projects: the enormous horse designed for Ludovico Sforza.

On the other hand, The Palacio de las Alhajas will show the prints that were part of different books published throughout the history dealing with the life and work of Leonardo. Tavola Lucana, shown for the first time in Spain, is one of the main attractions of this exhibition. It is a portrait discovered in 2009 by the historian Nicola Barbatelli and the experts claim that is it the only one that meets all the requirements (historical, literary, artistic and scientific) to be considered the true self-portrait of the Florentine artist.

When: from 29 November to 19 May 2019

Where: National Library, Madrid


Tamara of Lempicka. Queen of Art Déco

The Gaviria Palace is housing a solo exhibition of Tamara de Lempicka, the Polish painter known for her Art Deco portraits of aristocrats and the wealthy. The event is organised by Arthemisia, Italy’s leading company in the production, organisation and staging of art exhibitions.


Active in the 1920s and 1930s, Tamara de Lempicka is a major figure of Art Deco, the style that marked the development of the visual arts before and after World War I. Her portraits (many of them celebrity portraits) show sophistication, elegance, glamour and modernity, under the influence of Neoclassical painters like Ingres and the Renaissance (Botticelli and Mannerism).

Lempicka portrayed aristocrats and the wealthy. In so doing, she captured the decadence of European aristocracy in the aftermath of the Great War. Her art fed on her libertine lifestyle: hedonism, cocaine and libido (she was bisexual) to illustrate the artistic and social life of Paris in the period between the Wars.

This is the first Lempicka retrospective held in Madrid – her return to Spain after visiting the country in 1932 and feeling the influence of Spanish artists and the art scene of the day. The exhibition has been staged by Arthemisia at the Royal Palace of Milan (2006), the Pinacothèque de Paris (2013), the Palazzo Chiablese in Turin (2015) and the Palazzo Forti in Verona (2015).


When: until February 24, 2019

Where: Gaviria Palace, Madrid


Museo del Prado 1819-2019

Prado Museum​ celebrates its 200th birthday and to commemorate such a big event it presents this exhibition that will inaugurate an ambitious program of activities for the Bicentennial.


The exhibition gives a tour of the history of the Museum, basing itself on the dialog between the museum and the society, the Spanish heritage policies and the tendencies that have influenced the growth of the museum’s collections. It will also deal with how Prado has become a place that has served numerous Spanish and international writers, intellectuals, and artists to reflect on the Spanish past and collective identity.

Prado Museum opened its doors to the public on 19 of November 1819 and it celebrates the Bicentennial in 2019. On this special occasion, they wish to reflect on the future and the forthcoming challenges for this and the other great Museums of ancient painting: the need to attract social groups that traditionally are not attracted by the collections, to encourage gender and minority research studies or the challenges caused by overcrowding.

When: from November 19th to March 10th 2019

Where: Prado Museum, Madrid



The exhibition, jointly organised with the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen / Basel, will present a retrospective of the legendary artist Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (France, 1908 - Switzerland, 2001), known as Balthus.

The exhibition, curated by Raphaël Bouvier with the support of Michiko Kono and Juan Ángel López-Manzanares, brings together paintings from every period of Balthus’s career from the 1920s onwards. It will cast light on aspects such as the different types of intellectual interaction between the dimensions of space and time that exist in his paintings; the relationship between figure and object; and the essence of his enigmatic oeuvre.


Considered one of the great masters of 20th-century art, Balthus is undoubtedly one of the most unique painters of his time. His diverse, ambiguous work, which has been equally admired and reviled, pursued a direction that ran completely counter to the rise of the avant-gardes.  Balthus himself named some of his influences derived from the tradition of art history, ranging from Piero della Francesca to Caravaggio, Poussin, Géricault and Courbet.

A more detailed study of his work also reveals references to more recent movements such as Neue Sachlichkeit and his employment of devices derived from 19th-century children’s book illustrations.  In his divergence from modernity, which could now be described as “post-modern”, Balthus evolved a personal and unique type of avant-garde art and a figurative style that defies classification.

His particular pictorial language, with its use of solid forms and strongly defined outlines, combines the procedures of the Old Masters with certain aspects of Surrealism. The resulting images involve numerous contradictions, juxtaposing tranquility with extreme tension; reverie and mystery with reality; and eroticism with innocence.

When: from 19th February to 26th May 2019

Where: Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, Madrid


Banksy: Genius or Vandal?

A unique journey through more than 70 original works of one of the most influential creators at the moment. On loan by international private collectors, the exhibition includes original paintings by the mysterious author, his sculptures, installations, videos and photographs. The pieces are on display, for the first time in Spain, at Espacio 5.1 of IFEMA.


An all-enveloping audiovisual installation has been created specifically for this exhibition to immerse the visitors fully into the universe created by this groundbreaking artist whose identity is still unknown. During the visit clues about Banksy will be revealed, showing his most important pieces and explaining his unique, and often controversial, trajectory.

Banksy is an anonymous England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

The pieces shown in the exhibition include the original print from the Baloon Girl series. You can see pieces similar to the one that was recently auto-destructed by the author himself in an unprecedented prank in a London based auction house Sotheby’s - after the gavel dropped and the painting was sold, the picture frame and the canvas passed through a shredder hidden within the frame, partially shredding the picture.

When: until 10th March 2019

Where: Feria de Madrid, Madrid


SHOWS: music, theatre, dance, gastronomy, fashion …

Flamenco Real

Teatro Real and SO-LA-NA Production have opened a new space in the opera house's Ballroom devoted exclusively to flamenco. Until 17 July it will host nearly twenty flamenco song and dance performances by prestigious artists from various schools, all with different styles (every other Wednesday from 28 of November). These unique stage performances will be accompanied by some of Spain’s finest culinary offerings, as well as a chance to meet the artists after the show.

Flamenco dancer Amador Rojas will open the season with his show Poseidón y el Hombre. He'll be accompanied by singers José Amador and Triana Heredia, as well as musicians Jesús del Rosario (guitar), Bat’o Hangonyi (cello) and Luis Amador (percussion).


In December Bernardo Miranda will perform De Cante Vengo on the12th accompanied by Rocío Márquez. January brings us two events by flamenco dancer Úrsula López with Las Pequeñas Cosas, and Ricardo Fernández del Moral with his Las Minas Flamenco Tour, featuring flamenco dancer Karime Amaya as guest artist.

In February we have Carmen “La Talegona” with Talegoneando, and Joselito Maya together with Diego del Morao with the show A Mi Tiempo. There will be two shows in March. In the first one, Mi clave, the guitarist Manuel de la Luz will be accompanied by the flamenco dancer  Antonio Molina “El Choro”. Two weeks later you can see José Tomás Jiménez, Claudia Cruz and Gema Caballero with 5 Reales. The stars in April are Leonor Leal and Jeromo Segura with Se prohíbe el Cante, and Isaac Tovar together with Cancanilla de Málaga with Generaciones.

May will be the month with most shows in Flamenco Real with the performances by the flamenco dancer Yolanda Osuna with Sueños, where she will be accompanied by the flamenco singer José Valencia. The flutist and saxophonist Sergio de Lope together with the flamenco dancer Juan de Juan in Ser de Luz will follow. The last two shows of the month will be Faro by the flamenco dancer Eduardo Guerrero, and Jerez with the dance by Gema Moneo and singing by Pepe de Pura.

In the last two months Flamenco Real features four great shows that start on 5 of June with Rapikeando by the flamenco dancer José Carmona “Rapico” and will end on 17 of July with Salitre, a show by the flamenco artist Antonio Canales. In between we will have the show by the flutist Oscar de Manuel with Con Cierto Duende, and another one by the flamenco singer David Palomar together with the flamenco dancer María Moreno in Cádiz es Real.

When: Wednesday until 17 July 2019

Where: Salon de Baile, Royal Theatre, Madrid


The Physician, by Noah Gordon – The Musical

Madrid has the honor to present the world premiere of the musical based on the international bestseller by Noah Gordon. Produced by the Versus Creative, the play tells a story of Rob J. Cole, a Christian English orphan in the 11th century who becomes an apprentice to a cunning barber and journeys across Europe in order to study medicine among the Persians.


The Physician was published in more than 30 countries and is many times a bestseller. In 2013 it was made into film with Noah Gordon and his daughter Lise as screenwriters. Now this bestseller comes to the theaters as a musical.

This musical has been created and produced in Spain and has more than 20 live musicians, the biggest orchestra in Spanish theater and 33 artists on stage. Adrián Salzedo will play the role of Rob J. Cole and Sofía Escobar stars as Mary Cullen, a role with a bigger importance in the musical.

The artistic team is lead by the director José Luis Sixto, Iván Macias as a composer and musical director and Lorenzo Caprile as a costume designer. Jorge Blas, the famous magician, is in charge of the special effects and the magic for the show and will try to give a unique experience for the audience.

It is a story of the orphan Rob J. Cole who has a unique gift to predict death. He becomes an apprentice to a barber-surgeon and they travel around England discovering life, medicine and the desire to learn. One day a Jewish doctor tells him about a medical school in a far away Persia led by the best contemporary physician:  Avicenna. It is a fascinating and revealig journey where the dark side of power, love and vocation intertwine.

When: unti 28th February 2019

Where: Nuevo Apolo Theatre, Madrid



Fitur 2019

The Madrid Tourism Fair is the global meeting point for professionals of the sector and the leading fair for the receptive and issuing markets of Latin America. This event opens the international circuit of events revolving around the travel world. Fitur is a privileged stage for the global tourist industry and a business tool to foster commercial agreements and contacts.  However, it is also the place the general public should always visit: it is possible to find the perfect holiday destination here. In 2019 it will feature a new themed area devoted to film tourism. The new monographic section will join the ranks of the fair’s existing ones such as Fitur Health, Fitur Festivals and Fitur Gay LGBT, and will promote locations where TV series, films and ads have been shot.​


The growing international recognition of FITUR was highlighted in the 2017 edition, on being chosen by the World Tourism Organization as the venue for the inauguration of the 1st International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, declared by the United Nations Organization, hence confirming its position among the most important events in the world ranking.

One of the keys that has marked the evolution of Fitur has been the trade fair’s ability to recognise market trends and reflect them in its offer. With this in mind, new monographic sections have been incorporated into the trade fair in recent years, such as Fitur Shopping and Fitur Health, which were successfully introduced last year and have become consolidated in this year’s edition with greater participation by companies. 

The fair will once more offer a differentiated exhibition area for Fitur LGBT. This space will host the specific tourist offer and demand for a sector that represents €6.1 billion of revenue in Spain. Fitur Know How & Export will celebrate a new edition with the aim of increasing the international projection of the know-how and management of Spanish tourist companies. Fiturtech can also be highlighted, bringing together the latest proposals in the technological field, and Fiturgreen, which will foster sustainability through energy saving measures in hotel management and tourism.

When: from 23 to 27 January 2019

Where: IFEMA, Madrid


ARCOmadrid 2019

Year after year, the ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair shows its momentum and boldness when it comes to following the latest trends in contemporary art. As one of the most important events worldwide, it brings together the sector's most innovative artists and reputed specialists on its 38th anniversary and presents Peru as its guest country with a proposal that will round of the rest of the sections.

The 2018 edition had a concept as its guest: the future, in accordance with the words of Borges: what is going to happen is not the future, but what we are going to do. Speaking of the future within ARCOmadrid is as productive as it is strange, because of the complex nature within the history of our relationship with contemporary art and its worlds.  This is an endeavour to address what feeds art and society, such as the economy, nature, technology, gender, privatisation, education and the protection of the cultural sphere, among other aspects.


For yet another year, the organisers are committed to continuing to alternate research into concepts, such as The Future, and the presentation of guest countries. This concept will be presented through the selected artists and galleries and in turn, through conferences that include presentations, debates and conferences, raising awareness of the research that helps to come closer to this future.

In this latest edition, Peru is presented as the guest country of honour. A selection of Peruvian galleries will be carried out by Sharon Lerner, contemporary art curator at the Lima Art Museum, who will bring a varied sample of contemporary art from this country. Contemporary art collecting in Peru has increased significantly in the past decade, in which the quality of its artists has determined the profile of what will be its presentation. 

The parallel programme will cover various exhibitions in Madrid under the curatorship of Fietta Jarque, art journalist and independent curator. These will extend a vision of the plastic culture in Peru in its various facets. 

There will also be space for the Forum of Experts, in which professionals from Peru will participate, analysing the artistic panorama as well as its collectors, curators and critics.

There will be the usual sections: General Programme, made up of galleries selected by the Organising Committee; the Dialogues programme, one of the three ARCOmadrid research spaces; and the Opening section, focusing on galleries in business for seven years at the most. 

When: from 27 February to 3 March 2019

Where: IFEMA, Madrid



Madrid Fusión 2019

The new edition of the International Madrid Fusion Summit will turn Spain's capital into the world’s gastronomy capital for three days. The participation of international speakers from all around the world, along with celebrated chefs from Spain and abroad, testifies year after year to the extraordinary draw of this event.

Madrid Fusion 2018.jpg

It is a culinary meeting place that has been taking place every January since 2003 in the Municipal Congress Center where each year a different country is invited to be the special gastronomic guest of honor.

The event is divided into two Congresses that will deal with the possible future course of haute cuisine: environment, energy efficiency, human relations, applied psychology, social integration, uberisation, new technologies, and recycling. Chefs from all over the world will participate in technical demonstrations, training workshops, competitions, auctions and prizes.

Madrid Fusión initiative has been awarded numerous prizes like the Prize for Social and Cultural Work Related to Gastronomy awarded by the Dionisio Duque Foundation in 2008; the 3rd Madrid Prize for Gastronomy awarded by Madrid’s Academy for Gastronomy in 2007 and the Foods of Spain Prize, Best Promotional Action in any Other Country of the World awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food in 2015.

When: from 28 to 30 January 2019

Where: Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Madrid



San Silvestre Vallecana 2018

Every year on 31st December, since 1964, Madrid stages the most multitudinous athletics event in Spain. Sport and celebration come together in a 10-kilometre race in which fancy dress and artificial snow play a part.  Keep an eye out for when registration opens because places run out fast!


The event consists of two different competitions: a fun run (participants must be over the age of 16) and another for professionals. The course is not too demanding for runners as 8 of its 10 kilometres are almost all downhill.

The fun run is held at 5.30 pm. The departure (Calle Concha Espina) is organised by times, making the race faster.  The international competition starts out at 8pm and participants include today's leading international stars.

The Vallecas Stadium is the official finishing line for the professional race whilst amateurs arrive to the grounds outside the stadium.

When: 31st December 2018

Where: Madrid


Itálica International Cross-country

More than 2,000 athletes from all over the world will come together to take part in this international cross-country event that takes place annually amongst the ruins of the Roman city of Santiponce , seven kilometres from Seville .

Santiponce cross country.jpg

Internationally prestigious cross-country runners will come together to compete in these unique surroundings. This is an ideal opportunity to see top-level athletes in action, competing on this course, almost 11 kilometres long, that runs through the Santiponce archaeological site.

When: 20 January 2019

Where: Santiponce, Sevilla



Transgrancanaria: mountain and trekking ultramarathon

Gran Canaria, nearly half the territory of which is a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve, has hosted this endurance race since 2003.

The route of the competition crosses the centre of Gran Canaria island, passing fantastic volcanic scenery for 125 kilometres. The itinerary includes an accumulated change in level of 7500 metres and requires 24 to 30 hours to be completed. In addition to the long Transgrancanaria race, runners can participate in other shorter modalities, ranging from 15 to 82 kilometres.


When: from 20 to 24 February 2019

Where: Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)



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 **D&P is at your disposal to provide an attractive program together with the attendance to the above mentioned events and activities for your guests and peers, just let us know your target and requirements and we will design a proposal that matches your expectations and budget !!!


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